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Passport Requirements


After US Senate Department issued a new regulation in 2019 about participation for the Green Card Lottery, a valid passport became mandatory for a successful submission. Actually this will increase your chances to win! Find out why.

What data must be entered?

Every year US State Department give away more than 60,000 Green Cards, which allow card holder for unlimited living and working in the USA. More than 16 million people from all around the world apply for the Green Card Lottery each year. The electronic application form requires the following details from the applicant:

  • Name and Surname
  • Sex
  • Date of birth, Place of birth, Country of birth
  • Current Address
  • Email Address
  • Passport number & Issuing country
  • Passport expiration date
  • Highest level of education
  • A digital photo
  • Marital status
  • Number of children
  • Data and Photos of spouse and child(ren) (if applicable)

To apply for US Green Card Lottery you need a valid and unexpired passport.

Since you will need a passport in case of a win, the passport regulation will ease the burden in case you win the lottery

To make sure your application is accepted by US authorities, your passport must be valid until November 10, 2021 or until the end of the official registration period.

Note: If your passport expires before the lottery results are announced, you must keep your old passport or a copy of it. If you win, you should be able to prove why your passport number has changed.

What happens if you don't fill out all the fields?

The former participation regulation did not explain what would happen if the required information was not provided. However, the amended US regulation explains that applicants in the DV Lottery will be disqualified if they fail to submit any data.

Earlier we didn’t know what would happen in case of a possible mistake in the application form. Now we know. US authorities is now able to disqualify you in case of minor typos or mistakes in the application submission. A flawless submission is now more important than ever!

Do I also have to provide my family's passport details?

No! You don’t have to. Nevertheless, if you want to double your chances by submitting two entries as a married couple, both applicants need to provide their details. And that’s what you should!

Why did US State Department enforce passport regulation?

The regulation was passed to prevent fraud related to the official Green Card Lottery. It had become frequent in some countries that third parties agencies submitted DV Lottery entries of people against their will, by stealing photos from social media accounts, etc.

In case that any such person would “win” the lottery, these third parties would then ask large amounts of money to give the lottery winning certificate.

Because passport data can’t be found like photos or other data, this should decrease the fraud related to entries into the Green Card Lottery.

Your chances of winning has increased

OK, let’s admit, it is now more difficult to participate the DV Lottery. Some people now have to apply for a new passport for the sole reason of winning a lottery. But this regulation put a smile on clever candidates actually! This is why:


A lot of people will likely avoid participating in the lottery because of the passport requirement. To get a passport, you have to have some time to apply, you have to spend some money. Believe in me, this will immediately eliminate almost all applicants who in recent years apply for the Green Card “just for fun”.

The fewer participants the better chances! This could be a good chance to win the lottery and you should hasitate getting a new passport if you need it.

The results of the DV-2020 have already shown it:  up to 50% more winners were notified than in 2019, mainly due to the lower number of participants!


On top of this, the chances for all WorldGC customers are significantly increased, as we guarantee the on-time, correct participation in the official US Green Card Lottery, and free counseling in case you win.


The fact that the US government changes and tightens the rules of the Green Card Lottery instead of abolishing it completely (considering Trump’s press conferences about alians, immigration as such) can be considered a very strong positive signal.

The more secure the lottery gets and the more anti-fraud measures they implement, the more difficult it will be for its opponents to remove it in the future.