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About Us

About Us


Welcome To Immigration Advisory Services

At the World Green Card Organization (WORLDGC), we pride ourselves on helping people like you immigrate to the United States. We were founded to help people find their dreams in America and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that you have a real shot at the Green Card Lottery Program. Our staff has years of experience helping immigrants not only apply, but win, and relocate to the United States.

World Green Card Organization (WorldGC) offers a premium and reliable service for eligible people and their families from all around the world who are interested in immigrating to the United States and need to experience a rough, complex, and exhausting application process.

Our company offers a complete personal immigration service to guarantee that our clients will meet the required standards to participate the Green Card Lottery Program (DV Lottery Program). This service guarantees the successful submission to the Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery Program. The service includes but not limited to filling in all the required application details correctly; attaching a correct picture of each family member in an acceptable format, size and scale; and submitting the application to the official authorities as soon as application window opens each year. The company will serve as a bridge between the authorities and the applicant throughout the entire process, all the way through the successful approval and the physical relocation of the family to the United States.

The company has a 24/7 support line and a strict service-level agreement with a 24-hour response time maximum. We provide applicants with complete and unparalleled support. The company is customer-centric and believes in outstanding customer service. Therefore, we are 100% honest, up-front, and transparent, with our clients, not only through customer support but also through our advertisements, landing pages, call center, etc.

Our consultants let clients know in every interaction that they could apply for the Diversity Visa Program (Green Card) without our assistance, free of charge. Although, most people prefer to apply for additional assistance. Sometimes, after the our Consultant explains this alternative option, prospective customers decide they do not want this premium service, and in these rare instances, the Immigration Consultant kindly thanks the candidate for their time and quickly directs him/her towards the right place to proceed on their own. We keep all calls documented, labeled, and recorded to ensure the highest level of quality and transparency.

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